Annual Reports in Organic Synthesis 1995 by Philip M. Weintraub

By Philip M. Weintraub

this useful reference software is an equipped annual evaluate of synthetically valuable info. It abstracts artificial reactions from the key chemistry journals of the prior 12 months and contains reactions and techniques thatare new and fairly common. The reactions are awarded in a handy pictorial structure designed for speedy visible retrieval of information.
The Journal of the yankee Chemical Society has aptly defined this e-book as an"aid to the pressured natural chemist who can't stay alongside of the never-diminishing flow of latest fundamental literature"and hails it"an outstandingly solid buy."

Clearly illustrated buildings of compounds in each possible man made pathway
A common assessment of structure/activity info for every man made compound
Extensive reference details supplied on extra guides to be had for every response discussed
The such a lot entire, reasonably-priced compilation of its type

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