A Two Edged Sword by Haim Kadman,Boaz Kadman

By Haim Kadman,Boaz Kadman

This mystery relates the grueling occasions in Syria and Iraq, because the finish of the yr 2014.
Its protagonists are the representatives of the scuffling with aspects in Syria and Iraq, which participate in the day-by-day atrocities by means of all of the aspects focused on this horrendous battle; no matter if by way of the Islamic Caliphate of the Levant, or by means of its surrounding territories, that are held by way of the Assad regime strengthened by means of the Iranian Al-Quds warriors, and supported by means of Russian teachers and a Russian air strength wing of battle planes and helicopters; the Syrian rebels and the Kurds of northern Syria, supported by means of American teachers and the coalition airstrikes. whereas among the Euphrates and the Tigris rivers of Iraq, the cradle of humanity, the Iraqi military with Iranian militias within the south, and the Kurds of Irbil and Kirkuk from the north-east, are in mid offensive opposed to Mosul; that is due to the fact that 2014 the Islamic Caliphate capital in Iraq. The plot is fictitious after all, and it covers the occasions from the start of the Islamic Caliphate fall, as much as its death procedure. yet even if the plot describes the battle final levels and its finishing, it's not over but and that i will escape back be it Syria and Iraq, an in North Africa and Europe.

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